In the garden, with pics

Yep, I’m still here. *Grin* Things have been extremely busy on this end with the entire family, so there hasn’t been a lot of extra time to spare lately. The garden is rocking along, and I’ve even had the opportunity to do some trading. One of the guys hubby works with lives outside the city and has his own mini-farm going on, so he gave us a dozen eggs his chickens had laid, and I harvested a dozen carrots to swap. Pretty cool, huh? Of course, the way the economy is going and the rising grocery prices, trading might become more and more popular.

With that in mind, hubby wants to expand the garden and grow more produce. Fine by me–the more dirt I have to play with, the happier I am, lol! We’re supposed to go look at some tillers today. The lasagna method works great if you’re planning out beds ahead of time, but since hubby wants to get the expansion planted now, it might be time to bring in some equipment to aid in preparation.

So, that’s on the to-do list today. In the meantime, here are some photos taken over the last week or so. Hope they motivate you to get outdoors, plant something and enjoy life!

The monster tomato plant–yes, I’m holding on to the top branch there…I’m 5’9″…nope, no trick photography, that’s a tall tomato plant!


The strawberries are getting ripe:


The rose Darlow’s Enigma:

Darlow's Enigma

Golden Celebration:

Golden Celebration
Golden Celebration



I have no idea what kind of “bug” this is, but the metallic spikes are kinda cool:


Cucumbers getting happy:

Cucumber vine
Cucumber bush

The pumpkin vine is blooming and making baby pumpkins:

Pumpkin bloom

Some wildflowers:


An evening blossom of Double Delight just beginning to open. By the next day after spending time in the sun, it’ll be a bright strawberry red:

Double Delight evening blossom

Fragrant Cloud:

Fragrant Cloud

The mystery rose–isn’t she pretty?

The Mystery Rose

Celine Forestier:

Celine Forestier

Lyda Rose:

Lyda Rose

Edith Schurr:

Edith Schurr

Squash, cantaloupe, red onions and roses:


And lastly, two of the garden supervisors/guard cats:


Now, it’s time to start planning that expansion–wish me luck!


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