First ripe tomato of the season

If you’ve been following along the last six weeks, you’ve been watching my tomatoes grow.

Purchased February 20th, going from left to right, BHN 602 hybrid, husky cherry and yellow pear tomato:

Gardening supplies

Planted in the garden February 21st, a look at the runt of the bunch, the yellow pear tomato:


In addition to the yellow pear, husky cherry and hybrid, I have four Marglobe tomatoes planted, but let’s focus on the pear and cherry for right now.

March 9th. The yellow pear tomato is in the center, with the husky cherry tomato on the right (hybrid is on the left):


A closer look at the husky cherry:


March 20th: The yellow pear in the center has grown past the top of the tomato cage.


March 23rd: This thing is starting to scare me.


March 26th: I can no longer see the tomato cage for the yellow pear (the hybrid tomato is also obscured by it).


A look from the rear: Husky cherry on the left, yellow pear in the center, hybrid tomato on the right:


March 29th: How tall is the yellow pear tomato bush? Hubby is standing at the back edge of the bed directly behind the bush. He’s 6 foot 3 inches tall.


While the yellow pear tomato has been impressive in height growth, and is covered with neat looking teardrop/pear-shaped tomatoes, it is the husky cherry tomato that has beat out all the others.

Covered in blossoms as well as tomatoes:


Look what I found April 2nd, not quite ready but almost there:


Today, April 5th, was the day:


Yes, it is the first ripe tomato of spring 2011! Sitting in the windowsill, waiting to be tossed into a salad for supper, joining some spinach and carrots from the garden.


I do believe this is the earliest I’ve ever harvested a tomato. Just goes to show you–never underestimate a crazy Texan! 🙂



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