This turns my stomach

You’ll have to forgive me while I post this rant–this was so disgusting to me that I cannot in good conscience not post the link so other people can be informed of this vile human being.

Yes, Ina Garten, aka the “Barefoot Contessa”, turned down a 6-year-old’s wish TWICE through Make-A-Wish Foundation. The little guy has leukemia, and this heartless wench didn’t have enough time or enough of a soul to make time for this little boy.


Karma is a real b*tch, and I hope this woman gets it back in spades.

Feel free to pass the link on. The more people who know, the better.

PS: The little guy’s parents have a blog about him. Angels for Enzo


One thought on “This turns my stomach

  1. I’ve only watched her show a time or two…she comes across as very conceited, and to be honest, she doesn’t cook anything that interests me! Now I have even less reason to pay attention to the twit!

    I wonder what kind of publicity this will garner for her show…I’m thinking HGTV isn’t going to be pleased, ya know?

    You’re right, Karma is going to bite this woman in the butt. I hope it hurts.

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