Patience–a garden lesson

I’ve been gardening for decades, and even after all this time I’m still learning things in the garden, or being reminded of lessons from the past. I am an impatient gardener when it comes to sowing seeds. Nine times out of ten I’ll plant the seeds and wait…and wait…and wait some more. Finally get to the point of thinking they’re never going to sprout–something ate the sprouts–the seeds didn’t germinate–etc, etc. Then lo and behold I end up being surprised when I FINALLY see something starting to break through the soil.

I sowed carrots and cantaloupes side by side. Became frustrated enough with the nonsprouting carrots that I sowed more in a large pot on the patio to see if a more watchful eye would produce something. I figured the cantaloupes didn’t germinate/were eaten. Then, there was one lone sprout on the cantaloupe side. A couple of days later, there was another one. Finally after a week I had three. I was happy. Then, oh look! There are a couple of carrots. It snowballed steadily from there. The three cantaloupes turned into five, then eight…eleven…fourteen. Holy crap, now there’s twenty! The carrots are slowly multiplying, too.


The windowsill herbs are coming along nicely. Dill March 5 and March 23:


Oregano March 5 and March 23:


Basil March 5 and March 23:


Eighteen days doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re impatient, it seems like FOREVER.

How much difference can a month make? Check out the third tomato plant on the far right, the scrawny one, picture taken February 20, and the same tomato plant, front center, picture taken March 23, already grown past the top of the tomato cage: (Click on the pictures for a better, larger view)

Gardening suppliesIMG_4783

My roses are starting to bloom. Here is the mystery rose that’s in a pot on the patio. It was a freebie with my rose order last year, one of those “no tag, we have no idea what it is, but it’s free” kind of deals:


Buds and blooms on Celine Forestier:


Buds and blooms on Double Delight. An extremely fragrant rose whose blooms are never the same. The more sunlight the petal receives, the redder it becomes. The following are photos of the same bloom taken over three days that were mostly sunny:


On cloudy days you’ll have more white/cream than strawberry red, on sunny days mostly strawberry red, or you can cut the blooms and bring them inside whenever they look like you want them to.

As you can see, the carrots in the foreground (planted in the fall) and spinach in the background are very happy right now:


Getting a bloom on the bell pepper:


I’m still sorting and organizing all my photos over on Flickr, but I’ve managed to separate out gardening photos from 2011, 2010 and 2009, and have made all those available for public viewing. I’ll get around to adding descriptions, but basically the pictures in the sets are arranged by date taken, with the oldest appearing first. The exact date taken will be displayed to the right of the photo when you click on it.

Well, that’s a recap of what’s going on in the garden. The trees out front are putting out their little pollen tassels, which has had me battling sinuses and a low-grade headache for the last few days. The little one has early release from school this week, with their spring festival this weekend. Hubby at the moment is passed out upstairs. He had one hell of a night at work–got shot at, had to call out SWAT, negotiators, etc. Ran with the adrenaline pumping on high all night long. I’ll be surprised if he wakes up anytime soon. You expect stuff like that on patrol over the weekend, not on a Tuesday.

Keeping my fingers crossed that everything quiets down for a while, and the crazies go back to hiding under their rocks. Too bad they can’t stay there all the time!


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