Ode to a countertop oven

Okay, maybe waxing poetic over a kitchen appliance is a little over the top, but I’m a kitchen nerd…bear with me.


That little appliance in the left corner of the pic is a Kitchenaid 12-inch countertop oven. No, it is not just a toaster oven. In fact, I’ve never owned a toaster oven…they just seemed too small to be of much use. This oven, however, does more–a lot more. Warms, toasts, bakes and broils. What can you fit into it? Well, I’ve baked a pork tenderloin in there, as well as a whole chicken. Yes, a chicken. Cinnamon rolls. Two 12-inch pizzas. It can fit a couple of pies, or two layers for a cake. Bakes brownies as well as cookies. Works great for toasting sandwiches, too.

My double wall oven is having functionality issues with one oven, the second oven is kind of wonky, and given the history of issues that particular make/model oven has, we’re looking at replacing it. But the money we had been saving for it ended up going to the kitchen counters/backsplash remodel. Not complaining in the least, given the deal we got. However, it meant putting up with a finicky oven a while longer.

I ran across a glowing review for the 12-inch Kitchenaid countertop oven. A store here had it on sale for $79, and a 20 percent off coupon brought it down to approximately $63. I also had a $50 gift card from Christmas for that store, which brought my out-of-pocket expense to $13. I figured for $13, it was worth a shot.

It turned out to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Another plus, with the weather turning warmer, I’m not heating up the kitchen with the big oven.

I’m sure there are other brands of countertop ovens that work just as well–this particular one found its way into my kitchen because of the savings. If you’re looking at purchasing one, I highly recommend the 12-inch size. Anything smaller will limit the versatility and range of what will fit inside.

Yep, this one’s a winner!


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