Garden photos

Yes, my friends, I have tomatoes!

Husky cherry:




Flowers on the yellow pear tomato:


Not bad, considering these were the plants 23 days ago:

Gardening supplies

My batch of carrots:


They’re short, fat carrots, as you can see:


One of my “baby” roses I got last fall, Celine Forestier. I’ve counted 17 buds on her so far:


Another “baby” rose, Double Delight:


Broccoli coming back from the roots:


Happy pie pumpkin plants:


The sacrificial cabbage. So far it’s keeping all the other plants safe from the critters:


Baby cucumber plants:


The following pics are the pots we got from Mexico Lindo for $5. They’re about 24-30 inches tall and about 18 inches in diameter. This first picture is of the tropical plant I got at Lowes called Tecomaria. The tag had its name, the fact it’s a tropical plant, doesn’t like temps below 35, talked about dark green leaves, bright orange flowers, needs to be semi-moist, tolerates part shade, etc. Nowhere did it mention growth habit. Personally I think this was done on purpose. Looking at this cute little bush, you wouldn’t think it would get big, would you?


I look it up on the internet when I get home. Try 10 feet tall, 5 feet wide, and if allowed to vine, will go 25+ feet tall. Roots spread like crazy. Uh huh. I can almost hear this “little” bush snickering at me. So I plopped it into a pot with the intention of bonsai-ing the heck out of it. We’ll see how it goes.

Next, another shade loving plant, this one a more manageable size–Jack Frost Brunnera. I also planted a few Johnny Jump Up seeds around the edge:


This one has river fern, foxtail fern and Irish moss planted in it:


This one has red salvia, English ivy and red nasturtium seeds planted in it:


Red and white geraniums:


And Katherine’s pink and white geraniums:


Hubby working hard in the yard. Those are Texas Mountain Laurels behind him, and more roses to the left in the bed:


Keeping my fingers crossed we’re done with freezes, and these babies will soon be ripe!


Happy gardening!


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