I’m still here–lots of photos

I’ll be playing catch-up on my blog posts in the next few days–it’s not that I haven’t had things to blog about, but that I’ve been too busy to do so! This entry will have lots of pictures, so you’ll understand why.

Basically, hubby has wanted to put in new kitchen counters since we moved into this house almost 2 years ago. Me? Not so much. The stuff that was here was functional, and the price most places want for solid surface counters, not to mention stone, was more than I was willing to pay. Here are a few pictures of the “before” condition.





Doesn’t look too bad. If you get a little closer, though, I’ll show you what was bugging hubby:

Dingy gray tile and icky grout on the walls:


If you look at the angles on the bar, you can see where the laminate is bubbled up at the seams:




Hubby really, really wanted to get this changed out. So he asked around, got a few names, found a company that’s run by a guy who retired from law enforcement, who also gives great discounts to fellow officers. For well less than a third of what another company wanted to install solid surface counters, we got solid granite counters, new sink, new faucet and new tiles on the walls. First, they pulled out the old counters and installed the new granite.




The granite is really cool. The one we chose is called Emerald Pearl, and it changes appearance depending on the lighting. In some light it looks black with iridescent chips of blue and green, while in other lighting more mother-of-pearl highlights with gold/copper veining show.


This pic is taken up close with the flash. Yes, it is the same granite:


Their plumber came out and installed the sink and faucet. It’s kind of hard to tell, but the sink is a large single bowl stainless steel, extra deep.


It was then time for the tile guy to do his thing. First, he ripped out all the old tiles and put up new sheet rock:




Then came the new stone work and new face plates:







We went with the copper face plates, which brings out the darker colors in the accent strip in the stone:


And for the life of me, I can’t get this to photograph right. In the darker accent strip, the stone literally sparkles when the light hits it, but I can’t get the sparkles to photograph. Had the same problem when I tried to photograph the sparkles in the snow when the morning sun was shining on it. Any tips on capturing sparkles in photos?


So this is why I haven’t been blogging lately. Too busy moving stuff out of the kitchen, cleaning up dust, wiping down counters, cleaning up dust, mopping the floors, cleaning up dust, reorganizing the cabinet contents, cleaning up dust…did I mention that tile work, especially sheet rock work, creates dust that NEVER ends???

I’m not fussing too much. This was definitely worth it!



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