The adventure begins

Well, the weather has done a typical South Texas about-face.  We went from frigid weather 17/25 for three days straight right up to around 75/55 with no fluctuation in sight.  We’ve had some light rain here and there, but for the most part it’s sunny and mild.  The birds are singing like crazy, the bees buzzing everywhere, and it smells like spring.

I headed on over to Lowes to check out their plants, and came back with this:

Gardening supplies

The three tomato plants include a disease-resistant hybrid, a husky cherry tomato and an heirloom yellow pear-shaped tomato. The trays to the far right are three 6-packs of Sweet Alyssum. They were on the clearance table at 50 cents apiece, instead of $1.98 regular price. They will go along with the blue Morning Glory seeds to be planted out front. Yes, the plantings I did last fall for the blue and white floral display on the cliff croaked with the 17 degree weather–no amount of covering was going to save them, hence the replacements. I picked up a nice set of red onions, two kinds of dill seed, sweet basil and oregano. The basket back left is my seed basket. Yes, I’ve learned not to throw away seeds, even if the “expiration” date on the package has passed. Some seeds do lose germination power the older they get, while others will sprout their little heads off, so if I don’t sow all the seeds, into the basket they go.

A friend of mine has a funky collection of containers on her kitchen windowsill in which she grows herbs. They caught my attention because they didn’t have drip trays, and when I asked if she was worried about damaging her sill, she pointed out the containers didn’t have any drainage holes in the bottom. I had always been taught drainage holes were a must, but she waters carefully and lets the soil dry out in between watering. Plus, her containers are translucent, so you can see the water soaking into the soil. Which got me thinking…


Yep, you guessed it. I went through the cabinets and grabbed a few containers. Hey, free is better than the $4 apiece they wanted for decorative containers at Lowes, or $1.75 for the little terracotta ones. 🙂 So those containers turned into this:

Windowsill herbs

The green measuring cup has sweet basil, the blue vase has onion chives, the clear cup has fernleaf dill, and the red measuring cup has oregano. I figured I’d try it out and see what sprouts. You never know until you try.

I managed to get the tomatoes planted in the garden, along with okra seeds, bell pepper seeds, two types of cucumber, cantaloupe and my mini pumpkins I use for pies and bread. Still have to find a spot for the onions, but they’ll do fine for a few days until I do.

Not a bad start to the 2011 gardening season, if I say so myself.


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