Mopping the floors

Normally this subject wouldn’t even make it into my blog since it doesn’t pertain to gardening, cooking or my camera, but I’m a little grrrr’d so I figured I’d use this entry to vent.  For years–well over a decade–I’ve used Brite floor cleaner on my tile floors.  Didn’t matter whether they were laminate, vinyl, stone, etc, this stuff was awesome.  Cleaned well, shined well, never built it, and it smelled good.  Why can’t people leave a good thing alone???

A few months back, I couldn’t find Brite at the store.  Thought they were sold out.  Went to several different stores–nada.  Apparently the company has decided to do some major tweaking to their floor care line.  Now there’s Pledge wood floor cleaner, Pledge tile floor cleaner, Pledge floor cleaner with Future technology, Pledge floor care Clean and Shine multi-surface cleaner, etc.  You literally have to read all the labels trying to figure out which does what.  Even their website doesn’t reflect all the newest changes they’ve instituted.  They used to have a 3-in-1 “tile and vinyl floor cleaner” that was like Brite, but not anymore.

Future acrylic floor…shine, I guess, because it’s not a wax…at one time was in a bottle by itself.  Now it’s “combined” with a cleaner.  I’ve never liked Future because you have to strip it off every few months because it gets cloudy/yellow.  Heck, if you have a bottle of the stuff long enough, it’ll turn cloudy/yellow in the bottle.  In its new formulated version with the cleaner, you still have to strip it every few months.

I picked up the multi-surface cleaner because it said it had “Brite” technology.  BS.  I used this cleaner three times on the same section of floor, rinsing the mop in between, and there was still dirt/streaks left behind.  Used the little bit of Brite I had left next to it–one step, all dirt gone, nice, shiny clean floor left behind.  Grrrrr.

Brite was truly a one-step cleaner.  I don’t want to have to use a product two to three times and then have to damp mop/rinse in order to get the same results.  The Pledge company might have thought it was going to make more money by making the consumer use more product, buy multiple products, etc.  The only thing they accomplished was losing me as a customer.

Yeah, I’m sure they’re real upset over that.  *Grin*  No biggie, right?  Well, unless other consumers feel the same way and start following suit.  The only thing that gets a company’s attention is when they start to see declining profits.

So, the search is on for another decent floor cleaner.  Preferably one that will save me time and steps, like Brite did.

My advice to the company?  If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!


2 thoughts on “Mopping the floors

  1. It’s more than just annoying to find a product you like, and then discover that the company that produces it has ‘improved’ it. I used to buy Mop-n-Glo, because it did a great job on the vinyl floors in our old place. They changed something in it, however, because it suddenly stopped cleaning or shining!

    Good luck in finding a product that does what you want!!

    • I tried Mop-n-Glo, too. Didn’t even come close to Brite.

      I could get the floors to look the way I want, if I don’t mind going over them three times with three different products. That’s not going to happen, if I can find something like I had before!

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