It’s been a while…

It has been a little over a year since my last post.  Obviously, I have let the blogging here fall by the wayside.  Life has been busy, chaotic, full…and I have started posting more on Facebook because my family is more active over there.  It enables me to keep up with their lives and vice versa.

Finding my father’s side of the family has been incredible.  Sadly, he passed a little shy of two years before I found them.  Talking with family members, close friends, etc, has led to quite a story, a tale of deception, betrayal and sources of incredible anger towards my birth mother.  She deliberately hid who my father was, pretending someone else was my father, just because my father didn’t do what she wanted him to do.  He thought I knew all about him…I didn’t.  Unfortunately it led to me not connecting with him until it was too late.  But there was a beautiful gift in it all, with me finding sisters, brothers, a bonus mom, cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, all of whom I didn’t know about, and I’ve been welcomed with open arms.

In the intervening time since I last posted, my adopted mama passed away, I underwent surgery, my youngest has graduated high school and been accepted into the college she wanted, one of our beloved cats crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and we’re preparing for a move after hubby retires in less than a year.

I am still intermittently working on the family tree on Ancestry, but right now life is full of changes.  I’m working on home projects along with hubby, trying to get the house in the best possible condition before putting it up for sale.  The munchkin is getting ready to move into her dorm in less than a month.  Our son is now a general manager for a popular health spa as well as taking classes for his nursing degree.  All this is ongoing while we’re actively house hunting out of state.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting more here, or not.  If you know my real name, feel free to look me up on Facebook and send a friends request, as I’ll probably be more active on there.  If I’ve lost contact with you, don’t take it personally–life has been a hell of a ride in the last year.

Wishing everyone peace, prosperity and happiness in your journey, wherever that may take you.