Working in the yard

It looks like winter has finally moved on out, and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous in the upper 70’s to low 80’s.  The Texas Mountain Laurel trees are all blooming throughout the neighborhood, and the fragrance of Bubblicious Grape bubble gum is wafting on the spring breeze.

We’ve had more than seven inches of rain since the beginning of the year, so everything is greening up nicely.  We made a run up to Lowes and picked up the wood we needed to make another raised garden box as well as soil to fill it.  A few hours later we had this:

Eight feet long, three feet wide yields 24 squares to plant in.  Since my tomato seeds are still little seedlings, I picked up five tomato plants to get a head start on the season.

I went through and weeded the other three boxes we made last year.  Since I had lined them with solar screen before filling them, there was very little weeding to do.  I still have some onions, carrots and broccoli in them that made it through the winter, and I tossed in a new bell pepper plant.

I also found a nice basil plant and stuck it in a pot on the patio.

I’m getting started a little later than I would prefer, but I had no choice since winter seemed to want to hang around forever.  We have just a few logs left of the two face cords of wood we bought last fall–normally that would have lasted us two winters.

Oh well…at least it’s finally warming up and I can dig in the dirt again!  :-)

He trills, and here’s proof (kind of)

I have been trying forever and a day to get Blake on video trilling.  He’s a Turkish Angora cat, and when he’s “talking” he trills instead of meows.  His sister doesn’t do this–she’ll try to ‘talk’ to the birds but that’s more of a chattering, and I’ve had/seen other cats do this.  I’ve never had one that trills.  Blake is fascinated by the windows that look into the office from the living room, and he’ll walk back and forth on the buffet looking through the curtains, etc, and will trill.  You’ll have to turn up the volume all the way, and listen closely around the 1:20 mark counting up or the 44 second mark counting down.  He’s doing it before then, but it’s very faint on the video (the two louder ones are me encouraging him to talk).  One of these days I’ll get a good volume on him…until then, here’s 2 minutes or so worth of the little toot, lol!